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SMM-agency Kiwi Agency specialises in social media promotion and helps brands become leaders in their industries.

Our team has been growing and developing in different areas for 8 years and has launched more than 100 successful cases. A lot has changed, but one thing remains the same: #kiwiteam is still eager to create trending content, analysing a constantly-shifting digital world.

Set up an image? Boost creativity? Increase outreach? Rise sales?

Give us a focus and we will find a way to make social media users fall for your brand.

One of our values is to perform with high-quality using an optimal budget. The final price for promotion depends on objectives and case-load.

The main services of SMM-agency:

- Creating an SMM strategy

- Promotion on Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, TikTok

- Content marketing

- Launch of targeting advertising

- Visual design of social pages

- SMM for Events

- Personal counselling and SMM workshops

If you want to arrange SMM-promotion, fill the feedback form in the ‘Contact’ section, leave a message in our mailbox info@kiwiagency.com.ua or just call our office to

+38 096 2114959 (Ukraine),

+38 093 7340054 (Ukraine - messages only, Telegram/WhatsApp/Viber, no incoming calls)

+44 7541235712 (United Kingdom)

Complete a short brief and we will send you an offer during work hours.


Integrated SMM-promotion
What is the difference between comprehensive social media promotion and ordering a one-time service? It allows a business to build a relationship with the public on all relevant platforms.
Content production
Do you have a storm of ideas about what to write on social media, what words to use to convince your target audience to choose your product...but no visual content? Introducing Kiwi Agency's Content Production service, allowing you to reach the hearts of your target audience both verbally and visually! We provide start-to-finish photo content development for your brand❤.
SMM from Kiwi Agency
What SMM-promotion services are offered by Kiwi agency and why should you choose us for this job?


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They are greeted by the cover, and escorted by the content. No matter how useful your blog is, the user and potential subscriber, first of all, evaluates the visual design of the profile.
Creating a social media strategy: step by step
Here, at Kiwi Agency are sure that it is a high-quality SMM that can raise any brand to a new level. And high-quality SMM, as you know, begins with an effective strategy. In this article, we tell you how we create strategies that help our clients to get into the audience's hearts and stay there for a long time. Let's go!
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This story is about Pinterest… A network that inspires millions of people to creativity.