Creating a social media strategy: step by step
Here, at Kiwi Agency are sure that it is a high-quality SMM that can raise any brand to a new level. And high-quality SMM, as you know, begins with an effective strategy. In this article, we tell you how we create strategies that help our clients to get into the audience's hearts and stay there for a long time. Let's go!
How to promote on Pinterest?
This story is about Pinterest… A network that inspires millions of people to creativity.
#SMM case for Watsons
Watsons Ukraine is a retail chain that is part of Watson Group, the world's largest retail company specializing in beauty and health products.
3 most important content skills
This material is not available in English. Read the article in Russian or Ukrainian.
Photo shoot in Parisian style
It is no secret that craft content helps to achieve excellent results in advertising campaigns. Unique photos and videos, created from scratch specifically for a specific brand, always attract the attention of the target audience, as they look more expensive and more interesting.
SMM case for Optical Shops «Новий Зір»
"Noviy Zir" chain of optics is available in 7 cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Cherkasy, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Khmelnytskyi, Sumy, Kryvyi Rih.
How to write a case so that it is not boring
This article is available in Ukrainian and Russian.
What is infostyle and how to use it
This material is not available in English. Read the article in Russian or Ukrainian.
TikTok Case
Promotion of the brand of school accessories in TikTok
SMM case for DAFI shopping center
DAFI shopping centers are shopping and entertainment complexes for the whole family, located in two cities of Ukraine - Kharkiv and Dnipro. The owner of the complexes, construction, and investment company "Dafi", has been operating since 2003 and is one of the largest participants in the Ukrainian commercial real estate market.
Content for your brand. Kiwi Agency
Step by step: "How our content creator department works"
Kiwi Agency + IAB
Kiwi Agency has joined IAB Ukraine, the Ukrainian branch of the international association Interactive Advertising Bureau.
#Case SMM for tea brand LOVARE
LOVARE is a Ukrainian tea brand that sets trends in the market and creates unique tea compositions in various formats.
The usefulness of the text: why it is needed and how to check it
“Wednesday is a little Friday!” - after one such phrase is read in your text, unsubscribes from your account may rain down, and advertising money may “merge”. Why?
SMM case for Farmak
"Farmak" has been the leader of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market and the largest exporter of pharmaceuticals since 2010. This project's social media brought together conscious and innovation-aware users who follow pharmaceutical trends and support the domestic manufacturer.
Visual content for the Instagram feed
If you want to promote your personal or work Instagram account effectively, you need to create different types of content and alternate them regularly to keep your followers interested.
SMM Case Signature
Signature is a premium residential complex in the center of Kyiv on the Pechersk Hills. It is a new symbol of the Ukrainian capital rises. Three uniquely shaped towers,based on the pedestal of a multi-level stylobate, fit majestically into the panorama of the city and have become an architectural dominant in the art of designing and constructing buildings. Advanced construction technologies, modern architectural solutions, luxurious exterior and interior design of an elite house conform to the latest words of the best world traditions. The residential complex Signature is an architectural perfection of forms and the maximum functionality of space. Today Signature is the most successful luxury real estate project in Kyiv in the premium segment.
SMM trends 2022
It's important not just to create quality content, but also to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and new tools for success. Together with our team we explore different resources and trends in SMM, analyze, try out and conclude our findings, which you will read right now. Let's go!
#SMM case for Vivienne Sabo brand
Vivienne Sabo is a brand of decorative cosmetics in the mass-market category, represented in Europe and the USA. The legendary Cabaret Premiere mascara in a golden tube was in the makeup bag of almost every one of our team
SMM-manager / Storiesmaker WANTED
SMM-agency Kiwi Agency specialises in social media promotion and helps brands become leaders in their industries.
#SMM case for Epikur brand
Epikur is the first Ukrainian producer of natural chicken meat without antibiotics and growth stimulants. It unites active people who love tasty and healthy chicken and lead a healthy lifestyle.
Why don't we have a photographer on staff? And is he needed in an SMM agency?
Quality content is the foundation of effective promotion, and always the first thing we do after developing an SMM strategy is to create it. Good targeting and work with bloggers, opinion leaders (OL) without a "tasty" picture will not bring results. In this article we will share our experiences and explain why we still don't have a photographer on staff.
#Case cottage town Green Hills
Green Hills is an American-style cottage community located 10 km from Kyiv, with its infrastructure, closed territory, 24-hour security, and a service company.
How is the social media content creation process different from the site / Amazon / Walmart content creation process?
The first thing we ask you when applying for Content Production is what is the content for and where will it be published? The most popular answers are a website and social networks. Let's understand the differences in content production for these venues.
#SMM Case Soffione
™ Soffione - paper products from a Ukrainian manufacturer( in particular, toilet paper and paper towels), Kyiv’s paper combine enterprise. It is produced only from 100% wood pulp, has improved characteristics, the quality of the products is certified by European certificates ISEGA.
Tik Tok Script Writing: Finding Ideas, Content Trending 2021
Creating a video for Tik Tok does not come without a script. Even if the video is 'purely for yourself', the idea is still in your head. In this article, we will discuss exactly the professional approach of making a video: hear the song, come up with the idea, record it, improve it and only then upload it. It's important to get attention from the first seconds, otherwise, you'll just get scrawled and your moment of stardom never arrives. Always ask yourself, "Would I watch something like this?". Organizing a location for your Tik Tok shoot is a mandatory step.
What is Engagement Rate?
Engagement Rate (ER) — an indicator of engagement or active audience of your page.
Organization of shooting in stages
How to organize a shoot to get all the footage you need for content on the website, social networks, outdoor advertising, printing? How not to forget anything and take into account all the details?
What's the power, Bro? The brief.
If you work in digital, the term 'brief' is as common in your life as happiness training on your Instagram feed. But if this is the first time you've heard it, have a seat - this article will tell you what it is, why a good brief is a key to a successful collaboration with a client, and what steps we take in the brief before collaboration begins.
#Case Wish AQUA & SPA Resort
Wish AQUA&SPA Resort is a closed complex of premium class 15 km away from Kiev.
SMM checklist by Kiwi agency
We have prepared a checklist for an SMM manager with daily tasks, as well as a Tone-of-voice cheat sheet with brand archetypes and characteristics. Open it, see what's inside✅
10 failures on the set
Just imagine. You spend a whole week preparing for a great photo shoot. You want the client's content to be bombastic, so you carefully consider every detail. And when X day arrives, some of your points go wrong as hell. Fear. Panic. Surrender or pick yourself up and bail out the situation? Let's sort it out👇.
Five views that get in the way of social media conversion
In social networks, someone is positioned for the image, and someone only does what is converted. Having a clear idea, an advertising budget and a product or service, you can achieve financial success, for example, on Instagram or Facebook. But everything would be fine, if not inflated expectations, greed and ill-conceived strategy. These 3 factors lose business already at the start of their existence. We analyzed previous experiences with companies, entrepreneurs, brands and found common misconceptions that prevent success in social networks.
Email + SMM: 9 Ways to Combine Mailing and Social Media
How to combine email marketing and SMM for promotion and sales. Why sharing email newsletters and social media pages is more effective than sharing. How to combine tools for maximum results.
A new target: success in Tik Tok
The expression "promotion in Tik Tok" no longer evokes mixed feelings among SMM-people, but has become an integral part of the work. Some Ukrainian brands have already made themselves known on this platform, and many want to be one of them. How to understand and explore Tik Tok? Read in our article (there's a little bonus waiting for you at the end😊)
#Case “Crystal Park Tower”
Crystal Park Tower is a housing project, designed by London architecture agency, John Seifert Architects.
SMM promotion on Instagram. What tools to use in 2020?
To start an article with statistics and masses of figures in the style of "the number of Instagram audience in Ukraine is...". - is unpalatable and sad. It's silly to deny that today this social media network is one of the most demanded in the world. Let's understand what tools are now at the top of the promotion and what you should definitely not use.
#Case “Distil No9”
Distyl No9 is the first and only vodka produced in a small batch, in Ukraine.
Promotion at Tik Tok for Business
How to get into Tik Tok recommendations and gain target audience? We talk about Ukrainian brands that have successfully integrated into this element.
For 2-3 years the word “ambassador” has been “walking” alongside bloggers and well-known brands, but now it is more and more interesting ...
Generation Z: who they are and how to work with them in SMM
Generation Z is absolutely different for its open mindedness and “advanced” approach to life. Generation Z are young, determined and adventurous. Generation theory says they were born after 2003. They force brands to adapt and radically change everything - right down to positioning.
#kiwi_review: service PublBox
How many missed publications have you had in your life? This is when, for example, you had to post an announcement of an important event in the morning, but you forgot to do it. There is nothing criminal in this, since we are all real people, and it is simply impossible to keep all the information in our head. In such cases, the very "rescuers" come to the rescue (not Malibu, of course) - delayed posting services that make the life of even the coolest SMM-ninja much easier.
LinkedIn Profile Checklist: Part 1
All about promotion on LinkedIn: how to create a marketing page, where to find employers and not losses your budget.
10 ways to increase traffic from social networks
Social networks are at their peak, but regular sites are becoming less popular. But what if your main tool is your own website? That's right - increase traffic from social networks. How to do it quickly and efficiently? Read in our material.
Is it worth using memes on social media?
We all love to laugh and as active users of social networks we adore such content format as memes.
What do Instagram Stories statistics show us?
SMM is not only about photographs and captions. First of all, it is about analytics and the effectiveness of the tasks performed.
Are Giveaway Needed for Page Promotion?
- Not. The end of the article. But seriously, it’s still “no!”, And we will prove it👇
SMM promotion by Kiwi Agency for Yarych
Yarych is the largest producer of confectionery on the Ukrainian market. It is well-known for its flagship product - biscuits ‘Mariia’.
The era of TikTok: the new craze in the world of social networks
TikTok is an application that combines the functionality of Instagram Stories, Vine, Snapchat. It creates vertical 15 second videos (and up to 1 minute when uploading a finished video): fun sketches, music videos and other trending activities. You can also run live broadcasts there.
#Case «GRANTE»
TM Grante is a 100% juice, compote and marmalade brand that is known in almost every corner of the world.
How to engage audience with the help of Instagram Stories
This article is now available just in Russian. Wait for English version! To order an internet promotion services package or if you have any questions please, call us or contact us.
How to find your style on Instagram?
Inhale, exhale and calmness - you can learn everything :) Let's first figure out what an Instagram style is and what it can be.
Instagram Stories as a powerful promotion tool
We decided to play the role of "myth busters" and dispel to smithereens everything you knew about the Instagram Stories ranking algorithms. In addition, show their up-to-date statistics and share cool mobile apps for creating creative stories.
SMM promotion from Kiwi Agency for Mamamia
"Mamamia! - The Queen of Pizza" is one of the first pizza delivery services in Kiev. Today Mamamia brand has 10 restaurants in Kyiv and one in Chernihiv, as well as one pick-up point in Poznyaki (Kyiv).
Fuck up or bad collaboration
In October 2018, the Kiwi Agency team began cooperation with an unusual project, namely a children's toys store. Ask, what is unusual?
Hope collapsed or why IGTV does not replace YouTube?
Напомним, что данную функцию в Instagram “выкатили” этим летом, а точнее – 20 июня. Весь мир обсуждал IGTV и предполагал, что она станет заменой YouTube.
How and why to choose opinion leaders?
People no longer respond to advertisements on TV or on boards. They like it more when a person, based on their experience, advises to use a product. After all, it is the “living” opinion that causes more confidence.
Why brand needs a website and what it should NOT be
Technologies are evolving rapidly and the entire flow of customers is now online. In order to scale your business and maximize profits and recognition, you definitely need to go online.
SMM trends 2019
2018 has come to an end, let's say thank you to him for the new opportunities for promotion in social networks and cool tools. Let's remember organics and enter the new 2019 with pride, with a high engagement rate.
18+ or SMM for alcoholic brands
It has long been known that with the help of SMM brands can increase their awareness and profit. In addition, it can be goods of absolutely any direction: from women's clothes and cosmetics to car maintenance services. But how does SMM work with products prohibited for advertising, for example, with alcohol? Consider the most recent cases from #kiwiteam
What is Giveaway: Good or Bad?
“ー Добрый день! Что будете заказывать? ー Один Giveaway, пожалуйста”
Designer vacancy at Kiwi agency!
Want to unleash your design power? Hello, we are Kiwi agency. We specialize in social media promotion. And we are just looking for a graphic designer to join the team!
8 Tips to Boost Your Instagram Reach
The Instagram platform continues to expand - in 2018, 11% of all people on Earth use it. Multi-factor studies have shown that the engagement rate of social media users is 4.21%. That's 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest, and 84 times higher than Twitter.
How to create content for a new client
A new customer is always a challenge for our creativity. The most interesting thing begins after the stage of getting acquainted with the project, finding out all the necessary information and setting goals. Brainstorms and the make creativity ─ this is a "cherry on the cake" of our favorite work. We have prepared for you a great infographics on how to create content for a new client.
Do not hide, hide or what Facebook knows about you?
Think about what Facebook knows about you and why do you need all this information? I wonder how in your tape is this or that advertisement? How do marketers get exactly to the goal? Then this article is for you. In addition, we will tell you how to set up advertising displays, how to hide advertising, how to find out all the information that is stored about you on Facebook servers.
What is remarketing?
It's no secret that every self-respecting SMM-manager should be able to launch and configure targeted advertising on social networks. We have already talked about the goals of advertising campaigns such as traffic, engagement, reach, lead generation and many others, today ー we will talk about remarketing.
SMM promotion by Kiwi Agency for Sushiya
"Sushiya - Moder Japanese Cuisine" - a large chain of Japanese cuisine restaurants, which brings together 38 restaurants in 13 cities of Ukraine. The main priority of the company - tasty, healthy meals made of high quality products.
SMM for «Furgoneta» by Kiwi Agency
«Furgoneta» is the first Street Food outlet in Kiev.
Top 5 Ways to Increase Account Coverage in Instagram
Not so long ago Instagram officially announced a completely new - "smart" news feed. This change has affected not only KPI, but also the principles of working with the popular social network. If everyone used to dream about increasing the number of subscribers, then now coverage / involvement is most important.
SMM promotion by Kiwi Agency for "Budinok lgrashok"
"Budynok Іgrashok" is the largest retail chain of children's toys, established in 1998. More than 50 shops in 13 cities of Ukraine. Bright design, wide range of goods for children, certified products.
Promotion of Telegram-channel from "zero"
The Telegram messenger is a real "boom" in the Internet space. The number of users is growing rapidly and already reaches about 2.5 million per month. Increased and the number of sites - companies, brands, bloggers are actively creating channels to be closer to their audience. Promotion of the telegram-channel is now at everyone's ears, but only few people know how to effectively untwist the channel and maintain a good result. We have collected some useful recommendations to help you with this.
SMM promotion by Kiwi Agency for "Цікаво про молоко"
"Цікаво про молоко" is a community of leading producers of ultra-pasteurised milk of the Highest Dairy Standard. The international company Tetra Pak initiated the special labelling on the Ukrainian dairy market.
Emoji: how to set the mood of communication?
Emoji: entertainment for schoolchildren or a marketing move?
IT - or a horror dream for marketers
No, this article is not about "IT" the movie. We'll tel you about things, that are more dark and uncertain - insights (I) and teasers (T) :)
SMM for “Zolota Forel” by Kiwi Agency
«Zolota Forel» is a therapeutic and entertainment complex in Western Ukraine. There is a hotel, a restaurant, a swimming pool, medicinal vats and an SPA center.
Why isn't my advertising campaign effective?
Effective promotion on social media already suggests using targeted advertising. But what if it's not working?
Instagram algorithm on marketers side
If you want an effective business promotion, you need to know all the aspects of working on Іnstagram. What is an Instagram algorithm?
7 steps to organize a successful live video on the Instagram
In 2004 the concept of «stream» appeared on YouTube. It became a real sensation and continues to grow up rapidly. For example, Facebook statistics shows that live broadcasts are commented 10 times more often than pre-created video content. A quality live video remains in memory. What are the "chips" you need to know to make it like that?
Why do you need to use a business account in the instagram?
Instagram is an optimized social platform with a turnover of 300 million active users every month. This is the strength that you need to use for your successful business development. What do you need to know for strategic use of your business profile?
How to blow up your SMM?
We decided to share a guide to how to blow up your social media promotion. No, not with a purpose to make you do that 😁 But to let you know - "don't do that!"!
Creation of verification
Is it possible to get the coveted blue verification icon next to your name? Facebook criterias are serious, although the social network does not provide their clear description. But you still have to try :) Here we will tell you how to apply for verification.
What is Flat Lay and how to do it
In fact, you see Flat Lay photos every day, you just do not know they have such a name. We will tell you how to master the art of object photography in this article.
Instagram 2017
For business, blogging and just yourself.
Who are the opinion leaders? And how to work with them?
First, let's see who the opinion leaders are. Such people are called trendetters, influenziers, ambassadors, lawyers of the brand and opinion leaders (KOL) - their opinion is important and influences the audience. Often, leaders voluntarily write about their favorite products and services on their pages on social networks, but as a rule they need to be pushed and motivated.
Ukraine said goodbye to Vkontakte. Or not?
How does the Ukrainian audience deal with the loss, and is it a loss at all?
The "right" text formula
A beautiful visual always attracts attention, but can the text have the same effect?
7 ways to increase reach on Instagram
Instagram changed the algorithm of the news feed, and for sure you noticed a decrease in reach and engagement on the social network. We'll tell you about some simple rules of improving your promotion on Instagram.
Promotion on Facebook
"Anyone can cook!" - you could hear this popular phrase in a Disney cartoon about little cook Remy. But is it possible for anyone to promote their brand effectively on Facebook?
Instagram limits and restrictions
The times when the limits did not stop you from endless subscriptions and likes on Instagram has passed. Now, in order to avoid the completely disappointing "Your account is blocked", you need to pay close attention to them on the social network.
About the virtual future: the results of the F8 IT-conference
On 18-19 of April a conference for developers was held, on which the Facebook team shared information about their plans for the near future.
How to make a page from a personal profile
Opinion leaders and other no less popular Facebook users are facing the common problem: a limit of friends to 5000. Solution: converting a personal profile to a page.
Squeezing the maximum out of #
Hashtag is one of the tools oriented to engage the audience, hot theme to discuss: whether they are effective or not. But the whole secret of their effectiveness lies in several rules.
Getting a helper: bots for social networks
Social networks have become a simple link between business and the client a long time ago. And now it's even easier to establish the communication process, because your personal bot will do it for you.
How and why you should respond to a negative comments
Social networks are the channel through which you contact the client, and the client contacts you. As a consequence, everyone can leave a review about your company. And they are often negative. The whole point is that provoking a person to write a positive review is much harder than negative.
19 free services to analyze social networks
Where and how to collect complete brand statistics on social networks?
Our Facebook Predictions For This Year
The Facebook developers are launching new updates in the blink of an eye – they are constantly creating new functions and enhancing old ones. So what is waiting for us this year?
Let’s say “Hello” to the quality content on Instagram
Instagram has undergone some changes lately that could not go unnoticed. Among these changes are its interface and functionality as well as the factors that play a big role in the account promotion – our further subject.
SMM promotion basics: 11 rules for effective business on social media
Social networks have become deeply ingrained in our lives and our businesses. Brands use them more and more in order to promote their products since this promotion tool has multitude of advantages: a direct access to the target audience plus their feedback, relatively low price, and ability to quickly make changes to an advertising campaign. Still, there are certain rules you should adhere to so as to develop an efficient SMM promotion for your business.
Shedding light on paid advertising on Facebook: 8 facts
Every day the amount of Facebook business pages grows larger. This can be easily explained by the fact that the social network works well for business and constantly improves its functionality.
9 Ways of Promoting a Group in Vkontakte Social Network
Vkontakte is one of the most visited social media on the Russian Internet. We can have a long discussion about demographic and behavioural characteristics of its audience, but we do not recommend to ignore promotion in such a popular social network. By means of this channel you can access a multimillion audience, constantly keep in touch with a user, manage your reputation, and form brand’s recognition.
Work on your mistakes
Properly filled with descriptions of the profile - one of the most important components of the business account after the content itself
How to Win the Best Clients and Shake Off the Difficult Ones?
Many companies at least once had to deal with a person who would insistently inquire about something for quite a while, but in the end they never became clients. Moreover, these companies used to defend for difficult clients as they are “always right”, although it is not always the case. We prepared several rules for an effective work with clients and will tell you with whom you should not be concerned.
9 Ideas for Successful Brand Promotion on Social Media
Social media marketing is always a relevant topic for specialists around the globe. And the USA, the homeland of a huge amount of world-renowned brands, is no exception. Right here the Social Media Breakfast virtual community was formed. Every month its members devote breakfasts to social media promotion and SMM cases.
Content visualisation or why do we love infographics?
Successful promotion is a cocktail of a beautiful design and a proper content.
Using social media to promote a new brand: the basics
What to do when you have to promote a new or an unknown brand on social media? How to successfully put a product on the market and choose the right brand positioning?
Which social media should you use for business promotion?
Nowadays it is extremely difficult to find a person who doesn’t use at least one social network. Moreover, the majority uses several of them at once, visiting their profile pages almost daily. This makes social media an excellent means of promotion. However, successful promotion demands knowing who your target audience is and where it resides.
10 Most Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes
Virtually every company has its business account on social media as a part of a marketing strategy. If you have decided that your company needs an SMM promotion, avoid these 10 most common mistakes.
8 Facebook features you might not know about
Facebook becomes more popular every year, but a lot of people agree on the fact that it’s not always easy to use. We picked 8 Facebook features you might not know about:
Facebook introduces us to its new page layout
Facebook never stops surprising its audience more and more, day by day. Now at the top of your page there are tabs sorted by sections according to their content. Facebook allows you to arrange these sections by reordering your tabs with the help of “Manage sections”. If you want your newest posts to feature at the top of your page, you need to make sure that the “Posts” tab is first in the order.
5 Social Media Marketing Commandments
The majority of people in the modern world use social networks. And an integration of social media with business created various spoken and unspoken rules for effective social media promotion. A lot of people make thousands mistakes in content distribution. They either don’t notice them or think that they are not critical. But you should not perceive it this way since plenty of factors influence the results of your work.
SMM strategy. Drawing up a plan for brand promotion in social networks
Today, according to the Global Web Index, the average consumer has more than 5 social media accounts, actively using 3 of them. The total Internet audience of Ukraine is already over 20 million, and this number is growing every day.
Setting up business profile on Instagram
If you are still considering whether you need a business profile, we again remind you that by setting it up you are getting…
Adding “Shop Section” to your Facebook page
Perhaps you didn’t know, but Facebook has a feature that allows adding a “Shop Section” to a company/brand page.
Digital Monkey will reveal all the secrets of digital marketing
On December 16, Kiev will host the most anticipated event of this season - Digital Monkey.
Business-manager: how to manage several projects simultaneously
The Business Manager tool has existed on Facebook for years. But the majority still don’t use it in their business activity. Too bad!
Emotional branding: a special connection with clients
One of the main components of a successful brand is its clients’ loyalty. However, sometimes it is very difficult to win their favour, especially when you have a lot of competitors who offer a product or service similar to yours.
Where to search for free images?
An article about how to make image search easier without violating the copyright laws.
What is the best group name?
Today social network has become something more than just a platform for communication. Taking into account the quantity of its daily traffic, one can understand that social media is a powerful tool for promotion of products, brands, and services. The most effective way to do this is to create a group or community.
How we promote Beauty-brands on social media
Internet Marketing Agency “Kiwi Agency” specialises in promotion of Beauty brands on social media. We are in charge of dozens of beauty industry SMM-cases. And, based on given examples, we will tell you how to effectively manage pages on social networks to make them interesting, engaging and fruitful.
7 steps of page optimisation on Facebook
A lot of business owners know how effective promotion on social media is. Therefore they register their company, in most cases, on Facebook. However, while website promotion is a piece of cake for the majority of people, for many a social media promotion is terra incognita.
The rules for a successful collaboration with bloggers
TOP 9 rules for a collaboration with bloggers. Nota Bene for marketing experts. For a successful collaboration with bloggers you have to know certain rules. A special etiquette will help establish a common ground with bloggers and brands. The rules listed below will help you avoid breaking the deadline, misunderstandings and other issues occurring in the course of the work.
Promotion in the Instagram - What is not spoken about out loud
Instagram promotion tools and some internal secrets of the service.
Need SMM consultation? Come to Creative Space Chasopys
Every Friday from 10:00 to 13:00 you have the opportunity to get free advice on promoting your projects on social networks from Kiwi agency.
How to promote your Facebook page
9 marketing tools for your Facebook group
Types of contests for social networks
25 types of contests for social networks 25 types of contests for your groups